Thursday, August 4, 2011

Summer of 2011

Hello everyone!

I am so sorry that I've been gone for about fourth months--I sooooo busy! I hope that you're summer is going as fantastically as mine is. When I'm busy playing soccer, I'm constantly reading, hanging out with my friends... Basically, I'm being a teenager.

So, about the second week of July my family took a vacation to Washington D.C. and Boston, Mass. I loved both cities, although I think I preferred Boston. I love all the American pride that they've got going on up there.

Washington D.C. at Night

Pretty cool, huh?

While we weren't sight-seeing and feeding my older brother every, oh, two hours, we we're looking at some colleges! Which is really exciting since I'm heading into my senior year and I'm starting the application process.

Washington D.C. Capital's Dome

I fell in love with Northeastern University. I didn't especially love them campus-- I struggle with intercity campuses because it's hard to tell where they begin and where they end-- but I loved the program that they have in their school of media. They have this co-op program for ALL degrees, which is awesome and you should definitely look into it. They also have this program called "Music Industry", which is basically a publishing degree except for the music world, and it is really impressive. I think Northeastern is one of three--or something to that affect- schools that have the music industry program.

So for all you musicians, that's a great idea!

Boston from the harbor

Speaking of music, I recently took up piano again. Okay, recently being a very operative word. I actually took it up about the end on June. I didn't realize how much I actually missed piano, and being fairly adept in a musical instrument besides my voice. Once I master piano (or at least get moderately good) I will move on to guitar. Because my parents got my a guitar about four years ago, and I definitely never started lessons on it.

As you all know I'm a very veracious reader. And I've been reading. Reading for enjoyment, reading for school... Reading basically because I am privileged enough to have the ability. For school I have to read:
Paradise of the Blind by Duong Thu Huong

The House of Spirits by Isabel Allende

Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad

Sadly, I'm about three weeks out from school and only one book finished. Basically, I'm screwed.

I've also read the Nightshade series by Andrea Cremer... HIGHLY recommended. So good. Also, a cheap find for my Kindle on Amazon was the Grey Eyes novels. They're like a dollar, and if you don't have a Kindle, you can still read them on your computer. They're very interesting, although similar to some others I have read.

Here's some more books that I recommend:
The Goddess Test by Aimee Carter
Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire
Illusions by Aprilynne Pike (part of the Wings series; one of the characters--Tamani-- is basically my ideal future boyfriend.)
Matched by Allie Condie (Dystopian novel= as awesome as The Hunger Games)
Paranormalcy by Kiersten White (cute protagonist, first book in the series. Second one came out about a week ago but I haven't read it yet.)
Passion by Lauren Kate (part of the Fallen series, which is excellent!)
Sirensong: a Faeriewalker Novel by Jenna Black (Third book in SUCH a good series. I really like these books. And lately I've been obsessed with faeries, so if you know anymore faerie novels let me know!)
Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr (she's a fantastic writer, these are faerie novels too.)
Entice by Carrie Jones (this novel is about pixies... the characters and the mythology are fun)
Awakened by P.C. Cast and Kristen Cast (part of the House of Night Series... I adore these books. The narrator is so much fun, and a typical teenager. The mother-daughter duo really hit the nail on the head with this one. The mythology is new and exciting- like nothing else I've read. **Must-read, because it's WAAAAAAY better than the Twilight Series, or any other YA vampire novels.)

Well, I hope that keeps you all sated for a while, can't promise I'll be back soon, but I'll do my best. I have a craft project that I'm thinking about doing, so long as my mother gives me permission-- but you'll see it soon enough!