Sunday, February 5, 2012

Crafting While I've Been Away...

I have been up to so much crafting in the past few months that it's absolutely ridiculous. So to save time--for you and me--I'm just going to upload pictures of all the crafts that I've done, and if you want the tutorial, you can message/comment and I will find the link for you. Otherwise, I'd be typing this for eternity, and you'd be reading it for even longer. So here it goes!

Cherry Blossom Lights (off)

Cherry Blossom Loghts (On)

Mini Bow Tie Necklace

Necktie Cuff

Book Clutch

Etched Glass Coffee Cup

Chalkboard Paint Wine Glasses


Etched Portion Control Wine Glasses

Anthro-inspired necklace made of a men's tie

Earring holder... Smaller frame that I made for a friend.