Sunday, July 7, 2013

How to Recover Round Ugly, Old Chairs

Welcome to summer! It's about time I got started updating you with my crafty life!

First, let's talk about this outdoor table set my parents have. One of the ugliest things out of the nineties I've ever seen... And as a child of the nineties, trust me!

Here's just a sample of what I was working with.

Definitely not pretty, and definitely not in good shape. So, I set off to improve them. I found myself some fabric at my local Joann craft store (on sale and the last of the bolt!=X2 discount) and I went to work.

I started my task my taking the cushion off the chair frame. Everything went smoothly until this happened...

Not to worry, though. You can choose to get them out, or take the easy route (which I did). Since they're what I call "spinner screws"-which means they still spin, they just won't come out of the whole-they still function correctly. When I was finished I just placed the cushion on top, applied pressure while twisting the screw with a Phillip's head, and eventually the cushion was reattached.

After taking off the cushion, I proceeded to remove the old material with a flat head screw driver, pliers, scissors, and a staple remover. Please remember safety while doing projects like these... Gloves, glasses, and long sleeves are a must!

Be careful with the staples, as if you're not careful, they may fly off. You may want to do this outside or just somewhere not in your house.

Once finished with removing the old fabric, it's time to put the new one on! I choose to make my own seat covers, but I'm sure you could buy some as long as you have the measurements for the seat if your not a sewing person. With fabric in hand, grab your staple gun. Remember your safety gear, glasses and gloves are important when using a staple gun.

Next step is pretty important... I messed it up a few times! Make sure that the seam of the cushion is alined with the back of the chair. In my case it meant that the seam was alined with where the back screw was placed. Next, pull the fabric over the cushion. With the chairs I was using, I didn't have to replace the cushion, but be warned that if they're in bad shape you might have to!

Once the fabric is in place, grab your staple gun. Start with one side, pull it tight, and staple away. Mind your fingers, and don't forget the glasses and gloves. Once your finished stapling, grab your fabric scissors and trim the edges.

Once it's nice and pretty, go ahead and start to reattach the seat. If you didn't line up the seam as suggested, you can pilot a new hole in the bottom of the seat. Though, it is fairly easy to just skip the piloting part and just screw into the seat direct, but not highly recommended. It's always better to pilot first.

Repeat three more times, and voila!

You have beautiful new chairs!

Hope you enjoy, email me with any and all questions!


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    1. Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the post, and thank you for your comments and feedback!

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